A Quick Way to Make Habits Stick

Do you have trouble remembering to do a new habit?

Are you setting the right conditions to form the habit?

Do you lose motivation when you don’t get immediate results?

Habit stacking is a quick way to build good habits, which have a lasting, massive impact in your life. Habits are automatic behaviors that reduce decision fatigue, make time your ally, and save your energy for the hardest things.

In episode 49 of The Incrementalist, you will learn:

1) The Habit Stacking formula

2) How habit stacking fits with Professor BJ Fogg’s ABC method for designing behavior and building habits

3) Habit stacking applies the four rules of habit formation, outlined in James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits:

Rule 1 – make the cue obvious

Rule 2 – make the craving attractive

Rule 3 – make the response easy

Rule 4 – make the reward satisfying

4) 5 quick tips for habit stacking

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Dyan Williams is a solo lawyer who practices U.S. immigration law and legal ethics at Dyan Williams Law PLLC. She is also a productivity coach who helps working parents, lawyers, small business owners and other busy people turn their ideas into action, reduce overwhelm, and focus on what truly matters. She is the author of The Incrementalist: A Simple Productivity System to Create Big Results in Small Steps.


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