About Us

Dyan Williams Law offers practical solutions and personalized service in (1) U.S. Immigration Law and (2) Legal Ethics/Professional Responsibility. In these two areas, we apply our expertise and strengths to meet your needs and goals.

If you’re a foreign national who wishes to live, work or study lawfully in the U.S., we’ll help you figure out the immigration laws.

If you’re an employer who hires foreign nationals, we’ll help you obtain work visas and resolve employment eligibility issues.

If you’re a solo practitioner or small firm lawyer seeking answers on an ethics dilemma, we’ll help you decipher the rules of professional conduct.

We help you avoid pitfalls, traps and landmines. We walk you through the process to allay your fears and concerns. We pinpoint the strengths and positive aspects of your case and work with you to highlight them.

We prepare you for potential outcomes so you’re not caught off guard. We’ll do whatever it takes to steer you away from the worst case scenario and lead you toward the best case scenario.

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