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Saying thanks and celebrating 5th year anniversary

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I say thank you for your audience, referrals and, most of all, trusting Dyan Williams Law PLLC to help you solve your, your friend or your family member’s U.S. immigration problem.

Over the past five years — since I started my solo law practice on October 20, 2014 — I have focused on client matters that involve proving the bona fide nature of a marriage and overcoming marriage fraud findings in immigration matters; obtaining waivers for unlawful presence, fraud/misrepresentation and immigration violations; challenging expedited removal orders and visa refusals; and getting difficult naturalization cases approved. 

When I opened the virtual doors of the firm and launched its website at, I set no grandiose plans to hit a target revenue or grow my client list to a point where a physical office, a full-time staff and all the other benefits of a traditional firm would emerge. 

I had already worked at two other firms, with the last eight years as a senior managing attorney. I sought to create a law practice that would not only provide a minimum viable income, but also greater flexibility and increased autonomy to choose carefully and not feel rushed all the time.  

Instead of looking at what other firms were doing, I decided to stay in alignment with my own values and vision. This means taking on only certain types of U.S. immigration matters where I have the deepest knowledge, expertise and interest to give the most beneficial advice and counsel. I do not spread myself too thin or become frazzled by accepting every single client opportunity, with each carrying tremendous responsibilities and weighty obligations.

While it’s more common for lawyers to say yes to a new client matter, my default state is to say no. I offer representation only after I have determined that the case will make the best use of my skills, time, energy, focus and resources — and the potential client is talking to the best counsel for his or her problem.

Knowing how to use the right tools to repair and rebuild the client’s situation is key. If there are no available tools (e.g. existing laws, regulations, policies), I tell the person in a straightforward way and often point out possible steps to a future remedy.

When I am asked about the chance of success, I do not respond with a percentage, which is arbitrary. I simply say that my offering representation reflects that I will help prepare an approvable case, no matter the obstacles and complexities. While there is no guarantee of success, the inputs are controlled and the standards are upheld to maximize the probability of a favorable outcome.  

In the first week of business in October 2014, I took on two new clients with one applying for naturalization and the other seeking a marriage-based green card. (They were among my first success stories.) The first article, Fraud, Lies, and USCIS: Pitfalls in Naturalization, was published on our blog, The Legal Immigrant, 11 days later. 

The number of subscribers to the blog and number of clients at my firm have grown considerably over the years. My emphasis is the same: producing high-quality work consistently and deliberately with the goal of creating valuable results for each client. To learn more, read my article on my other blog, Staying Solo Successfully

Be sure to also check out two of my latest success stories on the approval of problematic I-751 petitions:

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Email or call me to set up a consultation if you, a friend or a family member needs to remove conditions on permanent residence or has another U.S. immigration matter that requires my insight.


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