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The Client Reviews below replicate comments and feedback that are posted online by clients and others who consulted Dyan Williams Law PLLC. For more reviews, go to AVVO and GOOGLE.

I-212, application for permission to reapply for admission into the United States due to being found inadmissible under INA section 212(A)(9)(C)(i)

My mom was found to be inadmissible under section 212(A)(9)(C)(i) during her immigration visa interview at the American consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This came as a complete shock to our family, which desperately needed her assistance in the United State(s), and to her, who dearly missed her son, daughter, and grandchildren. We had worked very hard and waited 10 years for that interview. The denial left us in a state of complete confusion and sadness.

At the time, the consulate did tell us that we could submit form I-212 for her case. However, as we started researching this possibility and talking with different lawyers, it became clear that this was a very complex process. The internet and the lawyers themselves had very contradicting information. No one seemed to know an exact procedure and strategy for accomplishing the goal.

Fortunately, we ran upon Dyan. From the beginning, she distinguished herself from the other lawyers. For one, she clearly had far more knowledge and experience with this type of complex case than anyone else we had talked with. More importantly, she really took the time to understand every detail of the case, and to clearly explain to us, in common English, what had happened, why, and what could be done about it. She showed a sincere interest to understand and to help.

After some conversations with Dyan, we hired her. That was the best decision we could possibly have made. Her attention to detail and her honest interest in helping my mom continuously impressed us. Contrary to most lawyers, she would not limit how much time she spent with us. We had many very long meetings where she carefully analyzed the situation, answered our questions, discussed the possibilities, and helped us agree on a strategy.

In summary, Dyan exceeded all of our expectations by a long shot. She went far above and beyond through the entire process. In the end, our I-212 petition was approved and my mom received her immigration visa. We could not have done it without Dyan’s help and we are infinitely grateful to her.  Gus

* * *

Motion to U.S. Consulate to reconsider and rescind (vacate) inadmissibility finding under INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i)(willful misrepresentation of material fact to gain immigration benefit)

I strongly recommend Dyan to anyone planning to find a competent immigration attorney. Two years ago, I was found inadmissible in error by the local US Embassy when I applied for a student visa. I immediately hired an attorney to file a motion to reconsider, but he failed to make any meaningful progress for the two-year period.  

I cannot afford to wait any longer, I consulted numerous immigration attorneys. And finally I found Dyan. 

Dyan and I talked over Skype. She differentiated herself from all the other attorneys by her amicable personality and crystal-clear reasoning. She is very knowledgeable of the legal issue, empathetic of my circumstance and analytical of my solutions. She answered almost all my concerns within that single phone call, something all the other immigration attorneys I consulted failed to do. 

So I decided to hire her without hesitation. She first crafted a clear and thorough roadmap to overturn the determination. Then she guided me to gather lots of supporting documents and solicited the crucial facts from me. Most importantly, when it comes to writing the pivotal legal briefs, she treasured my edits, ideas, and thinking: she skilfully combined legal discussion with my personal voice and stories ( presented in a sworn affidavit). This makes my argument legally robust and personally relevant. When I received the finished legal brief, I know I can definitely get my visa because it could not have been written any better.  

In the end, the local Embassy not only revoked my inadmissibility determination but also granted me my long-awaited student visa. It takes the embassy only three weeks to make the decision. I can now arrive at the US and start my education. 

Reflecting upon the past two years, the sense of uncertainty hovering over my head was very burdening: I would check my emails regularly, just to see if I receive any updates from the US immigration agencies but found nothing. I think lots of individuals and families waiting to come to the US share my feeling and experience. What Dyan offers goes beyond legal advice. She has a quality more penertrating than pursuasive legal arguments. She cares about us. 

Her empathy and rapport allow her to understand our predicaments and make asking questions feel like talking with a good friend. She treats me- and I believe other clients- with dignity, care and a sense of partnership. This egalitarianism is the core foundation to a good attorney-client relationship and a sucessful case. 

Therefore, I have no reservation to recommend Dyan to anyone in immigration needs. Thank you Dyan for letting my dream come true! – Frank

* * *

Motion to U.S. Customs & Border Protection to reconsider and rescind (vacate) expedited removal order

I am very happy to recommend Dyan Williams Law for any immigration needs. Dyan assisted me with a very complex situation I was facing pertaining to my wife’s situation. We had recently got married and my wife while traveling to US for a temporary visit was detained by CBP at the port of entry and was issued an expedited removal with a lifetime inadmissibility ban from entering the USA….

Dyan worked on a very short notice and deadline to successfully submit our motion in time to the CBP. She was readily available to answer all the questions we had in time and prepared a very thorough and detailed brief and guided us with the submission of each and every relevant documents and proofs pertaining to our case. I was impressed by the clarity and thoroughness of the legal brief she prepared as well as her arguments. She diligently followed up with the CBP on the status of our case after the submission and due to her excellent preparation of the motion and proofs she advised us to submit we were able to obtain a favorable decision in our case. The CBP vacated the expedited removal order and the misrepresentation charge on my wife within 14 days of filing the motion. This was a huge relief to my wife as then we would have required to go through a very lengthy and uncertain waiver process.

She is now assisting us with our I-130 petition and immigrant visa process… She is an honest, hardworking, extremely thorough and detail oriented lawyer who is an expert in the field of immigration and all complicated scenarios surrounding it. Dyan not only supported us in providing timely relief and help. She was sympathetic and compassionate and took time out of her busy schedule to answer every question we asked and counseled us on what is best for us in this situation without being selfish. This is rare and unheard of….

Thanks a lot Dyan! I cannot express my gratitude and respect for you enough with just my words. My wife and I are very thankful for your effort and hard work. We can dream of being together and starting our family soon in USA because of Dyan’s effort. There is no doubt in our minds that we made the best decision for ourselves by hiring Dyan for our complicated situation. Thanks again and I look forward to continue seeking your guidance for our I-130 process and immigrant visa process. – Imran and Musarat

* * *

Motion to U.S. Embassy to reconsider and vacate inadmissibility found under INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i) (Willful misrepresentation of material fact to gain immigration benefit)

Friends, I assertively decided to write with my pleasure to write a review of not just an Attorney but truly a life saver, virtual Goddess, the best & consummate lady: Ms.Dyan Williams.

I undoubtedly endorse Dyan if you’re truly a victim of most ugly denial of I-212 from an embassy & seeking for a very genuine, ethical & most competent attorney I’ve ever dealt/heard in immigration arena. Here I narrate my story precisely & how Dyan meticulously took care of my screwed embassy hard denial & brought me a justice & conquered finally!!!

Sadly, I became a victim of false allegation domestic violence charge of my Ex-wife due to her malice intent to seek an immigration benefit on my base & to trapped me for insanely high money in divorce money. However, I found acquitted & case was absolutely dismissed by a court & as a result was never convicted of any crime. However, due to a formal arrest based on false allegation, I still required to choose “Yes” in DS-160 form & also during an visa interview “Have you ever been arrested or convicted” for any crime which I omitted by mistake & selected as “No”.

Embassy pretend it as my misrepresentation & screwed my visa with most ugly bar I-212(a)(6)(c)(i) (Lifetime permanent bar to enter US). After a lot strive & dissatisfied consultation of various attorney, I found miraculously the champ “Dyan”. We scheduled a nice 45 mins Skype call as I was overseas. She listened all my hurdle & sensed & finally advised me to go for both Option-A to file a motion to US Embassy to reconsider & vacate I-212 bar which embassy made in error & as a backup Option-B as an alternative to file a 212(d)(3) waiver which I never wished to fall in.

After a long satisfactory conversation, I undoubtedly decided to hire Dyan as felt she can be only my life saver to lift this ugly bar. All the time since after, Dyan answered almost all my concerns via email promptly within that single phone call, that rest of the immigration attorneys I consulted failed to address.

She first crafted a lucid approach to efficiently overturn the 212 determination which was next to impossible. She meticulously guided me to consolidate all crucial supporting documents and all the crucial facts from me especially a malice trap of my Ex-wife. Most importantly, she adroitly prepared a legal discussion with my personal sworn affidavit. This makes my argument legally robust and personally competent.

Finally, we prepared a file with all crucial documents (Legal briefs, my self-affidavit & rest 48 documents that included my employer & all colleagues support letters) her empathy and rapport allow her to understand our quandaries in a very friendly manner. This parity is the crux to a good attorney-client relationship and to conquer any screwed immigration case. Finally after a reviewed of my file sent to embassy, just within 5 weeks, embassy realized & lifts ugly 212 bar from me & approved my H-1B visa.

All I say if you’re in seek to save your immigration screwed case especially if a victim of a 212 bar, Dyan is the CHAMP & I vouch behalf on her to be your truly a life saver. I wish all attorneys in US may sense the deep pain of a client with reasonable fee & time instead just focusing to plunder a client.

“God bless you Dyan from bottom of my soul to save my life & to bring me back to my family with justice!!!!!!!”

P.S.: I wish if AVVO could have 50 star instead 5, I’d feel bless with pleasure to honor this miraculously, outstanding & life saver attorney with her incomparable immigration cognizance & experience. – Raj

* * *

Motion to Reconsider Inadmissibility Finding (immigrant visa application)

Dyan’s legal expertise and professionalism were the keys to the success of our case. In a short time – beyond our expectation, the embassy removed the ineligibilities applied to our case in the past and we were able to continue with the immigration process. My wife and I would highly recommend Dyan Williams’ services. – Marcio W.

* * *

I-212, application for permission to reapply for admission into the United States after deportation or removal

We made a decision to hire Dyan Williams to represent us with USCIS after a series of phone and Skype interviews with several established immigration attorneys. We felt that her discipline, attention to details, persistency and very clear communication line were the key success factors in having my I-212 waiver approved after I was previously deported from the U.S.

We all were under severe time restraints because I-212 cases normally take 6 to 12 months, but we only had 3 months to have our case expeditiously approved. My family (wife and small daughter) was very dependant on the outcome of the case and it was critical to persuade the USCIS to approve my case within this unusually short time frame.

I have to admit that I am very impressed with what Dyan was able to accomplish with such a short notice and under extreme time pressure.

She went above and beyond in understanding our circumstances and vigorously pursued our case to the eventual approval by the USCIS.

My family and I are greatly thankful to the effort and dedication on part of Dyan. We are here in the States now as permanent residents and we feel like it was a miracle that came true. There is no doubt in our minds that hiring Dyan was the best thing we could have done for ourselves in our particular case. Thank you, Dyan! – Ievgen

* * *

Fraud Waiver, plus N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings

I am well pleased to recommend Dyan Williams Law for immigration representation. Dyan first assisted me with my I-601 filing and representation with the immigration court. She precisely advised me on the evidentiary documentation I needed to provide the court, submitted my petition, coached me on how to respond to questions during the I-601 hearing, and provided me with quality post hearing consul. Dyan was very effective in providing the immigration court provisions from immigration law as justification for approving my case. It is because of Dyan’s attention to the details of my case and her strong expertise that my case was approved by the immigration court, and much quicker than the typical I-601 processing time. The approval of my I-601 waiver was a tremendous relief for my family, and I am truly grateful for Dyan’s thought leadership on the case.

Due to the complex nature of my immigration file, I was denied U.S. citizenship twice, and once again I hired Dyan’s services. She was able coach me on what it would take to build a strong case for a N-336 petition requesting reversal of the denial decision in my U.S. citizenship (N-400) application. Dyan submitted my N-336 to the court, prepared me for the hearing which she attended with me, and diligently followed up with the court on the status of my case after the hearing. My N-336 petition was approved, and the previous denial decision of my U.S. citizenship application was reversed. The court did approve my U.S. citizenship. So I won twice with Dyan, and I most definitely would recommend Dyan’s services without hesitation. She is an honest attorney who is very professional, and most of all is highly knowledgeable. Thank you so much Dyan! Words are not enough to convey my gratitude, and the relief Dyan’s work has afforded my family! – N. Smith

* * *

N-400 application for naturalization, and transgender issue

My parents became naturalized after my 18th birthday so I had to apply for naturalization myself. My case was a unique one because I undergo gender change prior to my application for naturalization. I had different gender listed on my green card versus my state ID and it was a mess. I did not know where to begin during my naturalization application. I contacted Dyan Williams and I am so glad I did. Although she had not deal with transgender cases before, Dyan was eager to assist me. I felt respected and Dyan made the whole naturalization process an ease. She told me exactly what I had to do, what documentation I had to gather, and what I could expect. Once everything was submitted, she made sure to keep in contact with me and my naturalization case was approved with the correct gender. If you have a special naturalization case and unsure of what to do, do yourself a favor and call Dyan. It will make your life a lot easier. – Tun

* * *

N-400 application for naturalization, plus I-130 petition & I-485 application

I was referred to Dyan by my tax accountant. She helped me with my naturalization after I was declined citizenship in my first round. I was impressed with her integrity and professionalism that I came back to hire her when I applied for my husband’s green card. One plus that I considered when hiring her was that she herself was on a green card at the time, and I felt she knew the system in and out and was very confident and knowledgeable when it came to immigration matters. – Renas

* * *

I-751 petition to remove conditions on permanent residence (waiver of joint filing requirement)

Dyan Williams is a highly trusted lawyer who can help you prove your marriage is bona fide and rebut marriage fraud findings by USCIS, even when your case has tough facts. After I was granted my conditional green card, I divorced my U.S. citizen husband because of unresolved marital problems. Because of the divorce, I had to ask for a waiver of joint filing requirement when I filed the Form I-751 to remove the conditions on my permanent residence. During its review of my I-751, USCIS found that my ex-husband and I did not marry in good faith and that we married solely so I could get immigration benefits.

Dyan counseled me on what documents to provide to show my ex-husband and I shared a real marriage, helped me draft my affidavit rebutting the marriage fraud claims, wrote a detailed and persuasive legal brief, and advised me on what to expect at my I-751 interview. Whenever I had concerns or questions, I could always count on Dyan to promptly and fully address them. She provided a calming presence that gave me some peace of mind each time I spoke with her.

Following a long review process, USCIS eventually approved my I-751 petition and removed the conditions on my permanent residence. With Dyan’s guidance, I was able to keep my green card instead of being removed from the U.S., and I can now apply for citizenship. I highly recommend Dyan to anyone who’s looking for an expert in getting marriage-based green cards and rebutting marriage fraud findings. – Hanan

* * *

I-130 petition, two I-601 applications for waiver of inadmissibility & immigrant visa application

Thanks to attorney Dyan Williams’ well-argued legal briefs and thorough preparation of my case, I was granted an immigrant visa to live in the U.S. with my naturalized citizen husband. For many years, my husband had to travel back and forth between the U.S. and Europe to be with me and our young daughter. During this time, Dyan not only gave us terrific legal advice, but also encouraged us to keep a positive outlook.

My immigrant visa case was complicated because I needed two hardship waivers: one for the 10-year unlawful presence bar and one for allegations of fraud/willful misrepresentation of material fact. My husband also needed to persuade USCIS to sustain the approval of his I-130 petition for me, after USCIS issued a revocation notice claiming I had married my prior U.S. citizen spouse just for immigration benefits.

Dyan did an excellent job in helping us get the two I-601 hardship waiver applications approved. She also submitted a thorough response to the Notice of Intent to Revoke the visa petition, explaining that my prior marriage was not a sham and was not entered into just for immigration benefits. USCIS eventually re-affirmed the approval of the petition.

Dyan never gave up on our case and boosted our morale throughout the entire process. I am now a lawful permanent resident living in the U.S. with my American husband and daughter. I really appreciate everything Dyan did for us. She stands out as a courteous, responsive and highly skilled attorney who delivers positive results. – Dovile

* * *

I-130 petition & I-485 application for adjustment to lawful permanent residence

I first discovered Dyan Williams whilst in the middle of searching for lawyers that specialized in US Immigration Law. I knew my marriage green-card application was crucial for me and my husband. When I first spoke with Dyan, she was calm, collective, knowledgeable, kind and sincere. She would [resolve] any confusions I had upon the rules and regulations of US Immigration Law related to my marriage green-card application. Both me and my husband had great chemistry with her and we both wanted to work with her to achieve my case. She is very organized upon what information and documents is required for the case, she would contact you within the next business day, even though she had other various clients. She ensured that she remained confidential with client information. She remained humble and professional throughout the entire process. I loved working with her and without her I wouldn’t have achieved my green-card application based upon a bona-fide marriage. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is confused, scared or anxious regarding this process. Dyan really has a clear, structured framework that she works upon. Her services was also within my budget and Dyan was understanding with my finances. Her services meant a great deal to me and my husband, and I will never forget the excellent work she provided. Please do hire her, she is a great US Immigration Lawyer! – I.J. 

* * *

I-130 petition & I-485 application for adjustment to lawful permanent residence (with request for expedited processing)

With Dyan Williams as our attorney, my U.S. citizen husband and I obtained an approval of my marriage-based green card application within one month of the filing. We are thankful that a friend referred us to Dyan, rather than go through the immigration process on our own.

Because my husband had to depart the U.S. for military duty, Dyan worked to get an early interview with USCIS. My husband was also stationed in another state from where I live, which made it more challenging to prove our marriage is bona fide. Although we did not have a joint residential lease or joint utility bills, Dyan guided us on submitting other documents to show we have a real, loving relationship. She described in detail what to expect at the interview and skillfully prepared us for it. My husband and I are convinced that having Dyan as our attorney from start to finish made a huge, positive difference in our case. Hire her if you’re looking for a great lawyer who will find creative solutions for unique situations as well as fully address all your questions and concerns. She is the best! – Akosua

* * *

USCIS approved my wife’s marriage-based green card application within one month of the filing, thanks to our attorney Dyan Williams. At first, we planned to file our immigration case on our own. But a friend suggested we contact Dyan to help us get the application done right.

Being a member of the U.S. military required me to live in a separate state from my wife, and to depart the U.S. for an overseas assignment. Dyan filed a request with USCIS to schedule an early interview before I left the U.S. on military duty, which USCIS granted. She skillfully guided us on presenting documents to show we have a bona fide marriage, even though we lived in separate states. She also prepared us thoroughly for the interview and attended it with us, which helped us feel at ease in what could have been a stressful situation. Dyan is a highly responsive and courteous attorney who provides high-quality service and thoughtful advice. I would highly recommend her to friends, family members and others who need legal advice in their immigration matters. – David

* * *

I-130 petition & I-485 application for adjustment to lawful permanent residence

Dyan assisted us in responding to a Notice of Intent to Deny related to I-130 and I-485 green card applications. She was knowledgeable and was able to draw on past cases her firm handled to advise us on how to proceed with the case, including potential outcomes. She was very professional, responsive and put us at ease. My application was eventually approved and I could not have done it without her legal services. It was a pleasure working with her. – D.T., Zimbabwe

* * *

I-130 petition, I-485 application for adjustment to lawful permanent residence & I-751 petition to remove conditions on permanent residence

I am a U.S. citizen who first consulted with Dyan Williams on my husband’s marriage-based green card application. A couple years later, she advised us on our joint I-751 petition to remove the conditions on my husband’s permanent residence. Even though I am an attorney myself, I sought Dyan’s advice because I do not practice immigration law and I did not want to risk having our case denied.

Dyan guided us on the documents we needed to submit to show we have a bona fide marriage, both at the I-130 and I-751 stages. She offered valuable and practical insights on what to expect and how to handle questions at the I-130/green card interview. She also gave us useful tips on responding to USCIS’s request for evidence on the I-751 petition, which the Service approved without holding an interview.

The immigration process can be scary and stressful, but Dyan’s help made it much easier for us to handle. She is an attentive and trustworthy immigration lawyer who addressed every question and concern we had about my husband’s case. I was highly impressed by her expertise and service. I always recommend her when I meet someone who needs an immigration attorney. – Sudha

* * *

I-130 petition and Immigrant Visa application

I married my american wife in Brazil and she lived with me there for two years… With Dyan’s help we came to U.S. legally and safe. We definitely recommend her as a professional attorney. – Andressa A.

* * *

N-400 application for naturalization

With Dyan Williams’ advice on where and when to file for naturalization and tips on how to ace the  N-400 interview, I was granted citizenship.  She thoroughly explained the pros and cons of my options, which allowed me to make informed decisions. She applied her wisdom and experience to help me understand what to expect and to be patient with delays.

I previously worked with other immigration attorneys and I find her to be the best in the business. If you’re looking for a phenomenal attorney who provides great service and aims for the results you need, hire Dyan. – W.A., Egypt

* * *

When I applied for naturalization, I had two convictions that fell within the 5-year statutory period. One was for DWI and the other was for underage drinking. My attorney Dyan Williams explained that these offenses, under Minnesota law, were not serious enough to bar me from becoming a naturalized citizen. She advised me on what information and documents to present to show that I still meet the good moral character requirement.

Dyan fully prepared me for the naturalization interview and counseled me on how to answer tough questions. At the interview, the USCIS officer said she needed to review my file further before she issued a decision. I was nervous about the outcome, but Dyan assured me that the interview went well. She even offered to send a follow-up letter to the USCIS officer to clarify certain issues in my case. But a follow-up turned out to be unnecessary because my naturalization application was recommended for approval a few days later.

Dyan paid close attention to my case and answered all my questions throughout the entire time I worked with her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a responsive and likeable immigration lawyer. – Natacha, Argentina

* * *

Dyan was assuring and trustworthy in helping me attain my citizenship! I would recommend her expert skills to anyone pursuing immigration related cases. – Pauline, Kenya

* * *

I-485 application for adjustment to lawful permanent residence, I-601 application for waiver of inadmissibility & N-400 application for naturalization

Due to my unlawful entry into the U.S., it took 4 years for USCIS to finally approve my marriage-based green card application. Immigration found that I was inadmissible because I entered the United States using another person’s travel documents. Immigration also found that I did not qualify for a waiver of inadmissibility because I failed to show that my U.S. citizen spouse would suffer extreme hardships if I did not remain in the U.S.

Attorney Dyan Williams, who had prepared my green card and waiver applications and represented me at the interview, filed an appeal explaining how I in fact qualified for the waiver of inadmissibility. After several years of waiting, I was relieved and happy to receive a decision granting my appeal. Within a week, Dyan wrote a request to USCIS asking them to approve my green card application because the appeals office said I qualified for the waiver.  USCIS granted the request and issued my green card a couple months later.

Years later, Dyan helped me file my naturalization application. She fully prepared me for the interview and attended it with me. Thanks to her guidance and advice, I am now a naturalized U.S. citizen who can travel freely and continue to pursue my dreams and goals. –  C.O.

* * *

DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP)

I hired Dyan to help with a Traveller Redress issue and she was very professional, very thorough, informative and patient as we went through the process and we were successful in getting my issue addressed with DHS. Would definitely recommend her!!! – Hannah

* * *

Nonimmigrant Visa – Consular Process

It has been a wonderful experience with Dyan. She really helped us at the time where we were literally on the verge of never coming back to the States. She is a very efficient, intelligent person and worked with us to get the result we wanted in an unimaginably short period of time. She is the whole sole reason we could resume our work in the States. Despite being on a leave, she was always there to help us out. I recommend her very strongly to any individual who would have a problem similar to ours or any immigration hassle. – Disha

* * *

Immigration Consultation

Dyan was wonderful! She was very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. My case was quite complicated and she presented my options in a very clear manner so I could make my own decision of what would be the best course of action for me. – Fabio

* * *

She exceeded my expectation with the help she rendered with my I-30/I-45 RFE. She broke everything down to little pieces. From reviewing the documents I already have, and listing out the documents I need to various ideas on how to respond to certain criteria the USCIS required. Thanks a lot Dyan! Once again you’re the best! – Jerry

* * *

Dyan took my outline of my situation and my specific questions and confirmed that my overall plan for handling the immigration of my spouse was sound. She was very easy to talk to, worked with my schedule, and was knowledgeable in the areas relevant to my case. She laid out the pros and cons of different approaches in an easy to understand way. She also provided valuable advice regarding my spouse’s planned visit to the US prior to starting the immigration process.

I look forward to working with Dyan in the future as I continue along the path to a CR1 visa for my spouse! – Tom

* * *

I consult with Dyan for I130 for family based green card. She is very experienced and prepared. The cost is very reasonable with the quality of consult. I would recommend her to anyone who needs immigrant help and I will definitely come back again when I need more help in future. – Ying

* * *

Ms. Williams provided us with clear and detailed information at our consultation, and followed up with a detailed recap via email of everything we spoke about. She explained all our options and then looked at the positive and negative aspects of each in the context of our situation. Professional, down to earth, and very easy to talk to. We’re thankful to have connected with her! – Nicole G.

* * *

I have been consulting Dyan for a few months now, since I was getting ready to file for my adjustment of status. She has been extremely knowledgeable, responsive and most of all, a pleasure to work with. She has guided me with valuable information and advice throughout the tough phases of my application. She has been reachable and responsive whenever I needed to consult her with all of my questions. She has provided me with information and advice at the quickest notice and done it happily. Thanks to her, I have made some good decisions with my case and will continue working with her in future. Although I have not met her in person, I am confident of the help she could provide and highly recommend her. –  Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) Applicant

* * *

She is very knowledgeable and trust worthy. She was able to answer all of my questions and also provide me with many options to take action. I would definitely refer her to anybody who has questions regarding immigration issues. – Sumnima

* * *

Dyan is very knowledgeable about the topic. She gave a very detailed and insightful consultation regarding the H-1B work visa. She followed up with an email to answer any remaining questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs similar help. – Ritchie

* * *

Dyan provided us an outstanding consultation regarding my wife’s green card application. We had an extended wait following our interview with the agent and were unsure what to do. She laid out all possible outcomes and our options in each case. Several of the options she described were not known to us and were particularly useful to hear. Her consultation was less than 1/3 the price my wife had paid a different attorney for a similar consultation, but provided more actionable information. – Bill

* * *

I contacted Dyan because my sponsoring employer was threatening to contact immigration about fraud, if I would not sign a new contract with them. Dyan gave me good advice and helped me to deal with the situation with confidence. – H-1B employee

* * *

I and my Fiance drove 6.5 hrs all the way to MN to meet Dyan believing on the reviews and the way she explained us in Avvo. We felt really happy that we made a good decision and it was worth driving.

She was prepared to answer our questions. Very detail oriented. Asked many questions to understand our situation in detail, later gave specific and suitable answers. Showed interest and readiness to help us in all ways. Our expectation on answers were around H1B, GC and Marriage topics. Bit messy situation but she handled very well . Planning to Hire her for our future needs. I and my fiance will be happy to recommend her. – Ravikumar

* * *

Client Reviews replicate comments and feedback that are posted on Avvo and Google by clients and others who consulted Dyan Williams Law.

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