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The Truth About Productivity Advice and Toxic Productivity

Toxic productivity occurs when you apply habits, routines and practices that are prescribed for someone else. Some of the productivity advice are hacks, tricks and tips that won’t work for you. They just don’t match with your mindset, preferences and season of life.

In episode 58 of The Incrementalist, you will learn:

1) The truth about productivity advice and toxic productivity.

2) 5 universal principles or basic rules to apply in any productivity practice. 

3) 7 common mistakes to avoid when moving from being unproductive to productive. 

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Dyan Williams is a solo lawyer who practices U.S. immigration law and legal ethics at Dyan Williams Law PLLC. She is also a productivity coach who helps working parents, lawyers, small business owners and other busy people turn their ideas into action, reduce overwhelm, and focus on what truly matters. She is the author of The Incrementalist: A Simple Productivity System to Create Big Results in Small Steps.