Fee Arrangements

We set our fees based on the quality of our work, the value of our expertise, the complexity of your case, the amount of guidance you need, and the benefits and positive results we can deliver.

You want us to get the job done right.  When you hire us, you hand us your problems to solve for you (or with you). Top-quality work on life-changing matters doesn’t come cheap.

But we recognize you have financial concerns. Our fees are fair and reasonable and are worth the value and benefits of our services. We do whatever’s possible to design a win-win fee arrangement.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Flat Fee (Fixed Fee)

Under a flat fee arrangement, you pay a fixed sum for an agreed-upon scope of services. The flat fee is owed for the value of the work itself, regardless of how much time we spend on your case. For the most part, you end up paying less than what you would pay if you were being billed by the hour.

Value-Added Fee

In certain cases, we can build in fees for outcomes that meet or exceed your expectations (e.g.  obtaining an approval in a difficult case).  We charge a discounted flat fee upfront and an additional value-added fee if the result meets or exceeds the agreed-upon criteria.

We share the upside of a favorable outcome. We don’t get the value-added fee if there’s an unfavorable outcome, but we do not assume the entire risk.

Initial Payment

With either option, you will need to make at least an initial (partial) payment for us to open your file, enter an attorney-client relationship with you, and begin the work. This will be a reasonable portion of the flat fee or value-added fee.

Payment Plan

After you make your initial payment, you may pay the remainder of the fee in installments, usually on a monthly basis, with the full balance payable upon completion of the case. Another common arrangement is to pay 50% initially and the remaining 50% prior to the filing of your case.

We have flexible payment plans designed for your budget and your need for steady progress in your case. Our written fee agreement describes your payment plan.

Hourly Fee Arrangement

While it’s the least common, an hourly fee arrangement is also available in some cases. An hourly fee is most suitable for consultations or limited representation, such as attending a USCIS interview or reviewing your petition/application prior to filing.

You are charged for the time we spend on your case, including  file review, legal research, and writing briefs. But you will not be nickled and dimed for everything (like telephone calls and emails to communicate about your case).

Overall, an hourly fee arrangement is less predictable than the flat fee arrangement.

Contact us for a fee quote

To get a fee quote, send us a brief description of your case by using the contact form in the sidebar or emailing us at info@dyanwilliamslaw.com.

We usually respond by email, but we may call you to get more details. We usually set the specific fee for your case only after you complete a consultation and we have a more in-depth understanding of your case.

Refer to our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before you send us an online message or email.