Our Promises to You

Dyan Williams Law PLLC is founded on three core promises:

We accept your case only if we deeply believe we are the best attorney for you

We do work that clicks with our interests and capitalizes on our strengths. We say no to cases that aren’t really right for us so we can say yes to what matches us best. Instead of striving to be generalists, we concentrate on niche areas that demand our expertise and experience.

We will sign you on as a client only when we expect our input to have a big, positive impact on the results.  We attend to details that make or break your case.

Some attorneys hardly ever turn down a case. They will take it as long as you pay their fee. They are all things to all people. This often leads to unmet expectations and lack of focus.  So, this is not our philosophy.

Being selective doesn’t mean we take only routine cases or sure-wins. It doesn’t mean we won’t work on complicated matters that might take several years or multiple appeals to prevail.

When we take your case, it means we deeply believe you qualify for and deserve what you seek, and we’re your best bet to help you get it.

We work to maximize the probability of success

Instead of pushing out high volumes of client filings as fast as possible, we focus on producing high-quality work in your particular case. We prioritize effectiveness over speed, while being mindful of strict deadlines and time-sensitive issues. We aim to bring value that is higher than what you pay for our services.

We go above and beyond what a competent attorney would do. We highlight the winnable components of your case and present negative facts in the best light. We provide detailed responses to your questions and clients consider hiring us an investment.

We help you navigate through twists and turns and regroup from setbacks. We keep a positive outlook and strive for the best outcome. But we don’t give you false hope or make promises we can’t keep.

We don’t give up easily when you’ve lost only the battle. Decision-makers often make mistakes and adverse rulings can be overturned. Sometimes you need to keep going to win big.

We can’t promise you favorable outcomes. (There are multiple factors we don’t control, including the strengths and weaknesses in your case and how the decision-maker or adjudicator views the positive and negative factors.) We take deliberate action to create the best conditions and to maximize the probability of success in your case.

We aim to build trust-based relationships

We treat you with warmth, respect and dignity. We celebrate wins and successes with you. We team up with you to help you solve your problems and challenges.

We provide honest, timely and straightforward communication. We explain complicated situations clearly and simply, without the legal jargon. We provide prompt, insightful answers to your questions and concerns.

We apply laser-sharp focus when dealing with your case. We counsel you on the documents and information you need to present to build the strongest case possible. Our thorough approach means we pay attention to critical issues that average lawyers (with less experience) or seasoned lawyers (with less care) often miss.

We listen deeply. We speak deliberately about what we can do and what we cannot do for you. You can count on us as a partner, collaborator and adviser. We believe mutual trust is key to making our relationship work in your favor.