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Dyan Williams Law PLLC is your advocate, adviser, confidante and collaborator in two practice areas: (1) U.S. Immigration & Citizenship and (2) Legal Ethics.

We strive to offer you viable solutions, give you flexible representation options, and turn your case into a true success story. 


We help individuals, in all parts of the world, solve their U.S. immigration issues – from obtaining the proper visa to lawfully study, work, or live in the United States to acquiring U.S. citizenship. We also help U.S. businesses and organizations secure work visas, such as H-1Bs, T-Ns and R-1s, for foreign national employees.

Top Areas of Expertise include: rebutting immigration marriage fraud or INA 204(c) findings; obtaining waivers for unlawful presence, fraud/misrepresentation, immigration violations, and crime-related bars; overcoming visa refusals and inadmissibility determinations; and getting difficult naturalization cases approved. 

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We counsel Minnesota solo and small firm lawyers on how to manage their law practice, serve clients ethically, avoid rule violations, and respond to a Notice of Investigation (NOI) from the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (OLPR).

Top Areas of Expertise include: developing systems for law practice management; creating client service protocols and case management procedures; educating lawyers on ethics issues related to competence, diligence, client communication, conflicts of interest, and fee agreements. 

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If you are not a client who we currently represent, you may send an email to or use the form in the sidebar. Provide a basic description of your problem and objectives. If our expertise and availability match your needs, we aim to respond within one business day. Because we receive a high volume of inquiries daily, it could take longer to get a reply.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, Central Time (excluding U.S. federal holidays).

If you have to meet your lawyer in person to feel like you’re getting real value, we’re probably not a good fit. We operate on a virtual office platform. Communication with clients and others who need our help is mostly by email, telephone, and Skype video.