A Message to You

To determine whether I can be of service to you, I first need to get to know you (not just as a lawyer who has skills or expertise you need, but as a person who walks the same earth and breathes the same air as you do).

What I bring to the table

I’m tremendously curious about you and your situation.

What really prompted you to reach out to me? What needs, fears, and concerns do you expect me to help you resolve? What hopes, goals and dreams do you imagine I will help you fulfill?

My strengths include simplifying complicated things, discovering and crafting solutions, and empowering you to meet your objectives and create your ideal situation. In my work, I get to use my skills every day to your benefit.

As an immigrant, I have direct experience with U.S. immigration laws. For me, the immigration process was uncertain and sometimes stressful. I have true empathy for foreign nationals seeking to study, work, or live lawfully in the U.S. I was an F-1 student, an H-1B professional worker and a lawful permanent resident before I became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Practicing immigration law also gives me unique insight into helping other lawyers avoid and respond to ethics complaints. Some ethics rules are clear. Some involve gray areas that don’t really have right or wrong answers, but require a judgment call. I apply my direct encounters with the rules of professional conduct to help other lawyers steer clear of ethics pitfalls.

Why I started Dyan Williams Law

The ability to provide wise, sound and accurate advice usually takes years of dedicated practice and lots of real-world experience.  I struck out on my own, in October 2014, after I had over 10 years in the field handling hundreds of cases at two different law firms.

Being a managing attorney at a well-established firm had its perks. But I yearned for more freedom to go deeper into certain areas of immigration law, instead of covering the full spectrum, and to expand into counseling other lawyers on legal ethics issues.

I started Dyan Williams Law with a deep sense of calling and a strong desire to create a law firm with my own vision. At Dyan Williams Law,  we do what we excel at and we do what we love. We leverage our strengths. We focus on our interests. We work in our genius zone. We stay up to date with changes in laws and policies that affect you. We’re thrilled to do meaningful and engaging work that provides huge value to you.

We’re not tied to a traditional brick and mortar office or the typical 9 to 5 schedule. Although we have a Downtown Minneapolis office to meet you in person and we keep regular business hours, we produce great work wherever we are, no matter what time it is. And we reflect, renew and rejuvenate to prevent disengagement and exhaustion. Ultimately, it’s the value we bring — not the hours we put in — that matters.

Delivering returns on your investment. Turning your case into a true success story. 

We provide exceptional service that delivers returns on your investing in us as your advocate and advisor. We strive to turn your case into a true success story.

I don’t have an expensive office, a big staff, or a fancy website. I deliberately keep overheads low so I can charge reasonable fees for high-quality services.

I have a wealth of in-depth experience in my practice areas and a network of lawyers I can consult with in complicated matters.

I invite you to contact me to say hi, get a case evaluation, or talk about your immigration or legal ethics issues.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+ or YouTube.  Subscribe to my e-newsletters on immigration or legal ethics to get free information, tips and updates.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you (or someone you know). Spread the word. I’m here for you.

Dyan Williams