Reflect and Look Ahead


Happy new year!

Reflecting on the past year is the first step to setting your goals, creating intentions, making resolutions, and planning for the new year.

When you look back on 2015, can you think of 3 big accomplishments that made it a great year to remember?

Did you solve challenging dilemmas, answer tough questions, or master a valuable skill?

Were you able to break a bad habit? Stick with a healthy routine?

Did you spend ample quality time with the people you care most about?

The possibilities are endless as you look ahead to the new year. But to turn any possibility into a reality, you need to make conscious choices, focus on your highest priorities, destroy distractions, and take deliberate action every day.

Choosing the right clients, selecting appropriate cases, and doing high-value work to meet clients’ objectives and grow my business made 2015 a success for me. I will continue to apply these principles and build on them in 2016.

Taking daily steps toward your desired destination – no matter the obstacles – usually and ultimately pays off. Even when the results are less than ideal, there is always something to learn from the effort and the process. And you can apply these key lessons in the days and years ahead.

Wishing you tremendous success and unlimited happiness in 2016!


Dyan Williams
Founder & Principal Attorney
Dyan Williams Law PLLC

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Photo by: Peter Roome

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