Case Evaluation: By telephone or email

You may contact me to evaluate your case, at no cost. You will provide basic information on your case and describe your short-term objectives and long-term goals. I will offer general information and suggestions.

The case evaluation is to find out what you want to achieve and whether I have the expertise you need. It also helps you to decide whether I am the best attorney for you.

If my services match your needs, I will ask you to schedule a consultation with me (or propose a fee agreement for representation). If I do not offer the services you need, and I personally know a reputable attorney who does, I’ll refer you to him or her.

Consultation: By telephone, by video (Skype), or in person. Flat fee: $100/$200 for telephone & video (Skype) consultation | $125/$225 for in-person consultation. 

If you wish to receive guidance beyond what I offer in a case evaluation – and aren’t ready to hire us –  a consultation is the next step.

I provide consultations by telephone, by video (Skype), or in person, depending on where you live, your willingness to travel, and how you prefer to communicate.

The flat fee is:

  • $100 for telephone or video consultation
  • $200 for premium telephone or video consultation (includes legal research and/or document review for more complicated matters)
  • $125 for in-person consultation
  • $225 for premium in-person consultation  (includes legal research and/or document review for more complicated matters)

You will receive an Intake & Consultation Form to fill out and return to me with your payment, prior to confirming the date and time of your scheduled consultation.

During the consultation, I will discuss the critical aspects of your situation, describe your options, assess the strengths and weaknesses in your case, answer your questions, and address your concerns. I can also quote you my fee for representing you in your matter, if you want to hire us and we want to accept your case.

Consultations usually take an hour. You receive tremendous value from the advice and guidance I provide in a consultation. You get peace of mind knowing you received reliable information and insightful tips, based on the current facts and law.

For your convenience, I offer consultations before and after typical work hours on Mondays through Fridays (7:30 to 8:30 am and 6:30 to 8:30 pm CST) and on Saturdays (10 am to 4 pm CST).

Check out our immigration blog, The Legal Immigrant, and answers to FAQs to see the valuable information we give away for free. Imagine how much more you would get in a consultation, which focuses on you and your specific needs.

Full Representation (Best Type of Representation)

When you hire Dyan Williams Law for full representation, I handle all aspects of your case from start to finish. I am with you every step of the way to navigate through obstacles and difficulties, explain things to you without the legal-speak, and figure out workable solutions.

For example,  if you wish to file a marriage-based application for adjustment to permanent resident status, I give you a list of required forms, documents and filing fees; finalize and file your petition or application on your behalf; prepare you for the USCIS interview; and attend the interview with you.

Limited Representation (Next Best Type of Representation)

If you’re a DIY (do-it-yourself) person or don’t want to go all out in hiring an attorney, I offer unbundled service/limited representation when possible. This means you handle the simpler parts of your case, while I handle the more complicated parts.

I can assist you with specific aspects of your case, such as review the application packet you prepared before you submit it to USCIS, follow up on a pending petition, prepare you for a USCIS interview, attend the interview with you, conduct legal research, and provide recommendations on specific issues.

Hiring Dyan Williams Law PLLC

I offer flexible fee arrangements, including flat fees, hourly rates, and value-added fees. I typically offer a flat fee payment plan so you know the exact sum you will pay for the agreed-upon scope of services.

If we agree to work with each other, I will provide a written agreement that specifies the fee and the scope of the work I will do for you. You hire me and my representation begins after I receive the signed agreement and your initial payment.